About Us


Who is Chartwell?

Based in Atlanta, Chartwell, Inc. is a specialized information provider for the utility industry. We provide strategic research and facilitate issue-targeted forums for collaboration among industry peers. Our wide range of services ensures that our members have access to the best, most timely information available to make their business decisions.

Why Chartwell?


Founded in 1993, Chartwell has been researching customer care, marketing and the smart grid longer than any other utility-focused research firm.


Chartwell’s resources are devoted to providing in-depth research and strategic industry contacts in customer-facing areas for electric, gas and water utilities.

Our concentration on the areas that matter most to our customers allows us to adapt seamlessly with changing trends.


Chartwell is recognized throughout the industry for rapid turnaround time on individual inquiries and dynamic professional relationships between our researchers and members. We strive for a 72 hour response time to our member inquiries, and we do our best to provide the resources needed to exceed customer expectations each and every time.

Call us today to explore how we can provide you with the information and contacts to significantly improve your results.

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