Alabama Power brings artificial intelligence to its call center

By Chandler Dunklin, Research Analyst –

In its quest to better listen and respond to the voice of the customer, Alabama Power recently partnered with the cloud-based intelligence-gathering solution, Tethr, to monitor customer care trends during phone-based interactions.

The platform uses AI technology to transcribe calls, and provides a dashboard to help Alabama Power officials examine customer interactions. Call center managers and supervisors can search the dashboard to locate specific types of phone calls by category, including supervisor, agent, time of year, or topic. This ability has vastly increased coaching opportunities for both reps and supervisors.

As of June 2017, over 160,000 calls from the contact center had been loaded into the application. The platform’s ability to analyze such a high volume of calls has yielded actionable insights that were impossible to come by when supervisors had to rely on call-survey responses or listening in on phone calls to provide feedback to reps.

Alabama Power officials point to an increase in eBill adoption as one of the utility’s early success stories with Tethr. Using the platform, call center managers were able to generate a report showing phone calls that offered paperless billing options and phone calls that didn’t, creating opportunities for coaching on an individual basis.

Alabama Power gives a lot of credit for their 302% increase in eBill adoption during this time to Tethr. Alamaba Power is currently leveraging the Tethr platform on approximately 10% of its calls with plans to expand in the future.

To learn more about how Alabama Power is harnessing AI to make a more productive call center, read our latest CBP now available in the energy library (member login required).

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