Alliant’s ‘PowerHouse’ creates relevant and engaging DIY content for a hungry audience

Zahra Dhanani, Industry Analyst –

Long after Home Improvement said its last goodbye, Alliant Energy’s own home improvement show is still going strong. Well into its 13th season, PowerHouse continues to provide viewers with ways to improve the energy efficiency, safety and comfort of their homes. The show covers everything from simple changes in light fixtures to major home improvements, like a new HVAC system.

The 30-minute weekly show is hosted by Megan Turner and Pete Seyfer. Each episode is split into four segments that average five minutes each. Throughout each segment, the hosts walk through each topic, telling viewers how to spot issues and then offering solutions. What the show lacks in flannel shirts and power tool puns, it makes up in helping ordinary citizens understand simple ways to save money and lower usage.

The show’s YouTube uploads do incredibly well. Boasting over 2,500 subscribers, the PowerHouse TV channel has more than 2.2 million total views. The most popular video has over 200,000 views alone. Want to learn how to seal up your mobile home? Or install outdoor lighting? There’s a video for that!

For more information on Alliant Energy’s PowerHouse tv show, come to Chartwell’s next webinar on June 27 at 2 p.m. Eastern. You’ll hear from Robin Sempf, Alliant’s marketing strategy manager, about how Alliant keeps its DIY content fresh and creative even after 13 seasons.

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