Asking customers to raise their hands – Amy Africa to share digital strategy insights at EMACS 2017

By Russ Henderson, Research Manager –

In her more than 15 years of developing and applying principles of effective web design, usability and navigation, Amy Africa’s clients have included American Express, Dell, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola. Africa will bring her expertise to the utility industry at this year’s EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference Oct. 10-13 in Phoenix.

Amy Africa, CEO of digital marketing agency Eight by Eight

The CEO of Eight by Eight, a digital marketing agency, Africa has been working in web design since the 1990s. Her intensive experience in field testing and web user studies has made her one of the most in-demand usability and ecommerce experts.

“My focus will be, ‘what should your digital strategy be?’ I’m very tactical. I try to be one of those speakers who can give you a hundred ideas that you can go back and implement immediately,” Africa said.

The regulated utility industry in the United States has been relatively protected from the competitive forces that pushed other industries to adopt the most state-of-the-art web design and usability principles. Utilities are now working to catch up.

Africa will share best practices from her many successful web marketing initiatives in navigation, email marketing and remarketing.

For example, it’s important that landing pages are designed in such a way that they make the visitor take immediate action – to “raise their hand,” so to speak, Africa said. To use a metaphor, dating would be a lot easier if one could walk into a bar and ask everyone in the room with certain characteristics to raise their hands.

The good news is that websites can work that way. Most people come to a utility’s website to accomplish one thing – to establish new service, report an outage or pay their bill. By identifying the intentions of site visitors at the outset, they can be guided quickly through the process of accomplishing what they came to do.

Africa will talk about these and many other aspects of digital strategy at EMACS. If you haven’t registered yet, click here. If you have questions about registration, contact Colleen Yekeh at (404) 237-9099 x224 or

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One Response to Asking customers to raise their hands – Amy Africa to share digital strategy insights at EMACS 2017

  1. Jeff Seleske says:

    Russ –
    I’d like insights from Amy around the changing channel mix.
    My thought is IVR utilization will eventually plateau but other channel such as mobile app will increase. As I see it, customers comfortable with IVR will ‘evolve’ into less customer effort portals.

    If you can ask Amy for her input before EMACS, I’d really appreciate it.


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