Influencer marketing: How to reach people who don’t listen to you

Rebecca Harris, Research Associate ­– Traditional communication isn’t reaching younger generations. Millennials grew up bombarded with advertisements on the Internet and on social media. Now, marketers are dealing with the consequences: Millennials are more likely than previous generations to use … View full story

Knowledge is less power

By Ben Murdock, Senior Research Analyst – Utilities have invested significant resources over the years to better serve low-income customers. When asked about these investments in Chartwell’s 2016 surveys, utility representatives reported greater investment in billing programs but greater success … View full story

Winter storm provides opportunity to leverage social media

By Zahra Dhanani, Research Associate – Ah, winter storms. The eternal enemy of snow shovels everywhere. After a few weeks of false spring that brought with it hopeful sightings of cardinals and dogwood blooms, we woke up Sunday morning to … View full story

Regulatory “go ahead” for cloud capitalization could transform utility CIS

By Will Adams, Senior Industry Analyst – For me, a major takeaway from last week’s Western Energy Institute conference – the Spring Corporate + Customer Symposium in San Diego – was the need to derive much greater customer value and insights from … View full story

Safety messaging critical for utility communications

By Ruchi Solanki, Research Associate – In light of the recent news of the Oroville Dam damage to a spillway in Northern California that caused a frantic but temporary mass evacuation of residents, safety messaging has become a critical part … View full story

LG&E and KU takes customer service to the front line

By Allison Herdic, Industry Researcher – Branding – it’s all around us. Logos, advertisements, marketing campaigns and social media activity can all support building a brand and expanding its recognition. And, as we know, the tactics and features of branding … View full story

Chartwell launches new business customer care survey

By Rebecca Harris, Research Associate ­– The evidence shows that customer engagement drives business customer satisfaction. As part of our efforts to dig deeper this year into how utilities are working to better serve this important customer group, Chartwell has … View full story

Utilities gain regulatory “go ahead” for cloud computing capitalization

By Rebecca Harris, Research Associate ­– Utility regulators support clearing the way for cloud computing. According to a recent study by Oracle, “69% of U.S. regulators support capitalizing cloud-based software.” This comes after the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners … View full story

Businesses could draw social media into the real world

By Ben Murdock, Senior Research Analyst – Mark Zuckerberg published a multi-page manifesto last week detailing his vision for Facebook. Zuckerberg thinks Facebook will eventually emerge from people’s newsfeeds and take steps into the real world. Any why not? What … View full story

Logging into utility websites can be difficult for customers. Here’s a solution.

By Will Adams, Senior Research Analyst – Think about how many logins, passwords, codes, numbers and security questions you use daily to access information. Logging onto Facebook and Twitter. Signing into your Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Accessing your online bank … View full story