Powering your brand: Lessons from Entergy on creating a new vision statement

By Ruchi Solanki, Research Analyst – A strong brand position is invaluable to any organization. Successful branding, at least in part, means emphasizing to customers the value and purpose of the products and services a company provides. Many utilities have … View full story

There is much to be thankful for this Lineman Appreciation Day

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – Today is National Lineman Appreciation Day. We at Chartwell want to express our appreciation for lineworkers for the dangerous work they do to keep the power on. Chartwell asked 1,522 energy consumers in the … View full story

Utilities recognized with Chartwell’s 2018 Best Practices Awards in Outage Communications

By Suzanne Haggerty, Research Manager – Chartwell is thrilled to announce the winners of our 2018 Best Practices Awards in Outage Communications, which turned out to be two very close contests. CenterPoint, Salt River Project and LG&E and KU were … View full story

SCE improves customer satisfaction with increased communications

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – Southern California Edison improved customer satisfaction through its “We’re On It” communications campaign, winning Chartwell’s 2017 Bronze Award in Communications for its efforts. (You must be logged into the Energy Library to access this … View full story

Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards: Submissions are open

By Suzanne Haggerty, Research Manager — It’s that time of year again: Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards season. Submissions are open and award entry forms have been posted. We’ve made a couple of big changes this year. The Outage Communications winners and … View full story

Cryptocurrency – a new challenge for utilities

By Noah Solomon, Senior Research Analyst – Bitcoin. Dogecoin. Ethereum. These and many others like them are examples of cryptocurrency, decentralized digital currencies that are all the rage right now. Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, is endlessly discussed – its … View full story

What is the cost of a bad communications strategy?

Zahra Dhanani, Industry Analyst – Clarifying miscommunications, to both customer and employees themselves, can cost a company a good deal to fix. In larger companies, these minor mistakes can lead to an average loss of $60 million dollars annually, according to … View full story

Westar Energy improves customer sentiment with tree-trimming communications

Ruchi Solanki, Research Analyst – With spring on the horizon, it’s imperative for utilities to communicate the importance of tree trimming and its effect on safety and reliability of the electric system. The goal of Westar Energy’s ReliabiliTree program is … View full story

WEI insights: The utility industry must learn to be nimble

Rebecca Harris, Research Associate – SAN FRANCISCO – This year’s WEI Conference began with Shane Snow delivering a keynote address on lateral thinking. He began by talking about cheetahs. The cheetah is a fearsome predator, not due to its speed … View full story

Utilities striving to serve customers in a time of rapid payment channel evolution

By Allison Herdic, Industry Researcher — Over the years, utility remittance has morphed from standard “check in the mail” transactions to a new list of offerings, including web and mobile channels and credit and debit card acceptance. As payment options continue … View full story