Millennials most vulnerable to scams

Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – Across the U.S. and Canada yesterday, utilities celebrated the second annual Utility Scam Awareness Day. Utility residential scam information is normally broadcast to a larger audience or targeted at elderly people, but a new survey … View full story

Chartwell’s first Communication Industry Survey now live

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – Take Chartwell’s first-ever Communication Industry Benchmark Survey to learn more about how utilities are approaching internal and customer communications. Customer expectations are rising for how utilities communicate with them. Regarding outages alone, utility response … View full story

Clark Public Utilities supports customers with Operation Warm Heart during the winter months

By Ruchi Solanki, Research Analyst – As colder weather draws near, utilities are partnering with other companies to provide financial assistance to families who struggle to pay their bills. And while spreading the love for utilities is not new, with … View full story

Portland General Electric revamps its market research strategy

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – Portland General Electric’s Market Research Team transformed in early 2017 to improve relationships with other PGE departments, ultimately leading to better research to improve the customer experience. PGE’s Market Research Team trained other departments … View full story

Prioritizing social customer care creates beneficial opportunities for utilities

Ruchi Solanki, Research Analyst – The importance of social media to create a positive impact on a customer’s experience has been talked about time and time again here at Chartwell. Utilities have been taking notice and have made sure to … View full story

Utilities Warn Customers of Phantoms and Vampires this Halloween

Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – It’s nearly Halloween! A time for candy, costumes and… warnings about the monstrous dangers of standby power. Common residential devices like chargers, cable boxes, microwaves and computers suck up power when they’re idle, leading utilities … View full story

FirstEnergy Enhancing Customer Engagement Through New Online Store

By Noah Solomon, Senior Research Analyst – A typical utility customer spends less than ten minutes a year interacting with their electric utility, not nearly enough time to build a relationship. Due to this lack of interaction, an electric utility … View full story

EMACS 2017 is in the books! Here are the highlights

Just six short years ago, Gillette still had the lion’s share of the disposable razor market in the U.S. Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club have now changed all that. Not so long ago, a taxi medallion in New York cost … View full story

Pets take the prize in People’s Choice Awards

By Suzanne Haggerty, Research Manager — The votes are in at Chartwell’s EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference, and the winner of Chartwell’s People’s Choice Awards – Video is ComEd’s Hot Dog, Cool Cat. Seeing as how the Internet is … View full story

Connecting with mid-sized businesses requires diligence and endurance

By Allison Herdic, Industry Researcher – A wise individual once said, “Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” The same could be said for mid-sized business customer experience cultivation. Building relationships and trust requires time, and perhaps more importantly, effort. … View full story