The utility industry shifts to more mobile-centric approach

By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Manager – As the world becomes more mobile-driven, utilities increasingly see mobile apps as vital to the customer experience. While utilities have been slower to adopt mobile apps than some other industries, a solid majority … View full story

Submissions are open for Chartwell’s 2020 Best Practices Awards

By Suzanne Haggerty, Senior Manager of Customer Engagement — So, the longest March in the history of the Gregorian calendar has finally ended. April is here, and … and it pretty much looks like March. Only everyone knows way too much … View full story

TEP meets rising customer expectations using research, VOC and cross-functional teams

Rebecca Harris, Data Analyst – John Bord, Manager of Customer Experience at Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and member of Chartwell’s Utility Advisory Board, recently spoke about TEP’s journey to create a more satisfying customer experience in an era of new … View full story

In coronavirus response, utilities prove nimble even as they continue to power our lives

By Chandler Dunklin and Chartwell Staff – Utilities have responded with speed and alacrity to the problems arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry, which is often thought of as slow-moving and resistant to change, has in in a matter … View full story

How to create a more customer-centric organization

By Rachael Harper, Research Manager – Increasingly, businesses are focused on providing innovative and easy products and services created with the customer at heart, and utilities are no exception. In Chartwell’s 2019 Customer Experience Industry Survey, nearly all (91%) of … View full story

As the coronavirus strikes, utilities move to protect customers

By Noah Solomon, Research Manager – The coronavirus, also known by its scientific designation COVID-19, has killed or hospitalized thousands across the globe, especially among those over 60. What’s more, the virus has shocked markets, sent stocks tumbling, forced business closures … View full story

Chartwell research shows jump in mobile and electronic payment options

By Rebecca Harris, Data Analyst – Chartwell’s latest benchmark report, Expanding Mobile and ePay: Chartwell Benchmarks for Utility Payment Offerings, outlines payment trends in the utility industry based on Chartwell’s 2019 Payment Survey. According to the survey, electronic and mobile … View full story

Three tips for turning power outages into winning opportunities

By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Manager – A badly handled power outage can pulverize even the most hard-won utility brand. Yet some utilities can take even massively large outage events, such as wildfires or hurricanes, and turn them into opportunities … View full story

How AI improves customer communications and customer experience

The following is a guest post by Anthony Mancini, Manager, Client Success at KUBRA Today’s customers are accustomed to receiving top-notch customer experiences from their favorite brands. With companies like Amazon setting a high bar for personalized communications and instant … View full story

Metrics that Matter: How Customer Effort Scoring can improve the ease of doing business

By Rachael Harper, Research Manager – Utilities are unique in that they often have defined service territories and subsequently less competition. This has led many utilities to ponder the validity of using Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer loyalty … View full story