Chartwell expands the Outage Conference and associated awards

By Suzanne Haggerty, Senior Manager of Customer Engagement – Ah, November. Time for turkey, cranberry sauce, college football and arctic cold fronts. It’s not exactly the most relaxing prelude to the complexities of December, is it? As you’re shoveling snow, arguing … View full story

Don’t fail at scale: a lesson from airline push alerts

By Rachael Harper, Research Manager – Push notifications can provide a convenient, satisfying way of communicating with large numbers of customers. But without careful execution, they can also create highly dissatisfying experiences on a large scale. A recent experience of … View full story

Customers expect ETR accuracy and timeliness

By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Manager – During an outage of any size or duration, an estimated time of restoration (ETR) is by far the most important piece of information that customers want from their utility. Understanding customer expectations regarding … View full story

Utility marketplaces evolve into tools to engage customers beyond the meter

By Rebecca Harris, Data Analyst – Utilities are increasingly looking toward online marketplaces as an avenue to increase customer loyalty. Marketplaces are web-based stores offering energy efficient products, appliances, smart-home devices or other items. Through these stores, utilities are expanding … View full story

Winning People’s Choice video combines information with humor

By Suzanne Haggerty, Senior Manager of Customer Engagement — Attendees at Chartwell’s 2019 EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference chose Hydro-Québec as the winner of Chartwell’s People’s Choice – Video Awards. Just like last year’s finalists, the 2019 finalists were … View full story

EMACS 2019: Delivering in a digital, data-driven landscape

Rachael Harper, Research Manager – Speakers, Sessions and Second Lines, OH MY! EMACS 2019, held Sept. 30-Oct. 3 in New Orleans, was filled with compelling and insightful data, discussion and deep dives with utility leaders and winners of Chartwell’s Best … View full story

Get the latest data on robotics process automation, payment methods and more!

Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – Chartwell’s 2019 Billing and Payment Surveys are in full swing. Past surveys on billing and payment have given valuable insight into how utilities have improved paper bills and online payment processes. They’ve shown the rise … View full story

The pioneers are still standing – will more utilities charge ahead with auto-enrollment?

By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Analyst – Three years ago this month, the FCC made a game-changing decision giving U.S. utility companies legal protections so they can automatically enroll their customers for outage push alerts. A few brave pioneers, including … View full story

ComEd, JEA, Pepco, SCE and Tucson Electric Power recognized with Chartwell’s 2019 Best Practices Awards

By Suzanne Haggerty, Industry Consultant — ComEd, JEA, Pepco, Southern California Edison and Tucson Electric Power have taken the top honors in Chartwell’s 16th annual Best Practices Awards. The awards recognize excellence among electric and gas utilities with respect to … View full story

2019 award entries are a treasure trove of innovative ideas

By Suzanne Haggerty, Industry Consultant – Each summer, the difficulty of judging entries for Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards surprises me. No joke: The submissions get better every year. In June, we received nearly 100 entries in our five main categories … View full story