2019 award entries are a treasure trove of innovative ideas

By Suzanne Haggerty, Industry Consultant – Each summer, the difficulty of judging entries for Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards surprises me. No joke: The submissions get better every year. In June, we received nearly 100 entries in our five main categories … View full story

Increasing customer independence with chatbots and virtual assistants

By Rachael Harper, Research Manager – The United States recently celebrated Independence Day, and it just so happens that Chartwell recently released a report focusing on how utilities can increase customer independence by introducing new self-service channels such as chatbots … View full story

Outage communications: From culture change to tech revolution

By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Manager – Utility leaders have spent more than a decade working to convince foremen and their crews that, while they are working to restore power, they must also take the time to communicate about what … View full story

Chartwell’s 13th annual Outage Communications Conference features innovation

By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Manager – Last week in Chicago, the leading edge of outage communications in the industry was on full display during our 13th annual Outage Communications Conference. No one knows outage communications better than Chartwell and … View full story

2019 CBP awards deadline is almost here

By Suzanne Haggerty, Industry Consultant — Only seven days until the 2019 Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards deadline. Time flies when you’re outlining narratives and bulleting metrics, amirite? I plan to spend Wednesday, June 12 answering awards-related phone calls and emails and … View full story

How to welcome your new robot overlords

By Noah Solomon, Research Manager – What’s more terrifying than the impending robot apocalypse? The images of skeletal, metallic warriors might be long past being a realistic vision of the future, but a new omen has reared its head in … View full story

Delivering more effective customer communications

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – Chartwell research shows that utilities need to engage customers to gain their loyalty and improve customer satisfaction. However, utility messages can get lost in the maelstrom of communications customers receive daily. How can utilities … View full story

Amplifying customer care and communications using social media

By Rachael Harper, Research Manager – In an increasingly digital world, utilities have seen social media channels change, grow and decline (R.I.P. Snapchat). While it can be difficult to create engaging content and manage customer care interactions for each of … View full story

Award advice: Start early, gather a team, revise often

By Suzanne Haggerty, Industry Consultant — T-minus four weeks until the deadline for submissions to Chartwell’s 2019 Best Practices Awards. In other words, for those of you planning to enter, it’s Go Time. June 12 will be here before you know … View full story

Utilities combat the “Amazon Effect” with innovative digital outage communications tools

By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Manager – Like so many other sectors of the economy, the utility industry has spent many years now battling the “Amazon Effect” – that is, the process through which disruptors such as Amazon and Uber … View full story