Technology trends in outage communications place humans at the center of increasing automation

By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Manager – What will the utility business look like once they can send swarms of AI-piloted drones to assess damage and use chatbots to staff customer communication channels? Outage communications is uniquely positioned within the … View full story

Submissions are open for Chartwell’s 2019 Best Practices Awards

By Suzanne Haggerty, Industry Consultant — April 1 is upon us, meaning 9-year-olds everywhere are unearthing their best April Fools’ Day pranks and Chartwell employees are scraping heaps of that infamous Georgia pollen off of their cars. Most importantly, however, April … View full story

Director of Customer Service at LG&E and KU focuses on growing ability to meet customer expectations

Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – Debbie Leist, Director of Customer Service and Marketing at LG&E and KU, recently spoke with Chartwell about challenges in the utility industry. She highlighted LG&E and KU’s approach to meeting rising customer expectations. Chartwell: Of … View full story

Utilities recognized with Chartwell’s 2019 Best Practices Awards in Outage Communications

By Suzanne Haggerty, Industry Consultant – Chartwell is excited to announce the winners of our 2019 Best Practices Awards in Outage Communications. Southern California Edison, Oncor and Florida Power & Light were the winners in the large utility category, while … View full story

CSRs move beyond traditional roles as omnichannel affects call centers

Ruchi Solanki, Research Analyst – As technology enables utilities to utilize more digital channels and move toward an omnichannel experience to satisfy the needs of customers, contact centers are rapidly changing. More than ever, frontline employees can make or break … View full story

Learn how utilities are transforming marketing communications with business customers

By Noah Solomon, Senior Research Analyst – Join us for Chartwell’s Feb. 27 webinar to learn how PECO identified and cultivated decision-makers to create champions for energy efficiency programs within the business customer segment. The effort won Chartwell’s Silver Program Marketing award (Chartwell login required). … View full story

Game on! How utilities can use gaming for contact center safety training

By Noah Solomon, Senior Research Analyst – Register for Chartwell’s Feb. 20 webinar to learn how Con Edison leveraged gaming to provide consistent and relevant safety information to more than 750 employees. Video games are ubiquitous in our modern society. … View full story

Increasing engagement and brand favorability with customers and employees

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – Register for Chartwell’s Feb. 13 webinar to learn how Southern California Edison used a three-phase brand-communication campaign to demonstrate its commitment to clean energy while appealing to three key audiences: employees, customers and prospective talent. … View full story

Deadline to share your best outage communications efforts is coming up quickly

By Suzanne Haggerty, Industry Consultant – It’s that magical time of the year again: the concurrence of Valentine’s Day and the deadline to enter Chartwell’s 2019 Outage Communications Best Practices Awards. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, Feb. 13, which … View full story

Engaging utility customers in the digital age

By Russ Henderson, Research Manager, and Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst – The utility industry has not yet seen truly disruptive, fast-moving competitors shatter old paradigms. At least not in the same way that companies like Casper and Harry’s have wreaked havoc, … View full story