Chartwell is shining a more focused spotlight on utility success

By Suzanne Haggerty, Research Manager –

Chartwell members have spoken, and we listened: While our weekly case studies profiling what we consider to be “best practices” in the industry are helpful, they’re also a bit, well, too much.

While Pew reassured us a couple of years ago that information overload was not the widespread problem we all assume it to be (they found that only 20% of Americans surveyed felt overwhelmed by information, while 77% actually liked having so much info at their fingertips), I think most of us can agree that, at times, less is definitely more.

So, on March 1 Chartwell rolled out its first edition of Spotlight, a shorter, more focused replacement for the weekly Chartwell’s Best Practices newsletter.

Chartwell’s Best Practices will still be around, mind you, but it will be used to feature the winners and finalists of our annual Best Practices Awards.

Spotlight will offer a short, easy-to-read digest of a notable utility effort, featuring a summary of the challenge, solution and results, along with a breakout of related metrics. It may be one page or two, depending on whether there are any related visuals available, such as campaign materials or charts.

Unlike a four- to five-page Chartwell’s Best Practices newsletter, you’ll be able to zip through Spotlight in a couple of minutes.

Our first edition of Spotlight looked at Toronto Hydro’s “free hydro for a year” promotion, which helped the company gather 12,000 new eBilling enrollments.

While we have our Spotlight slots planned for the next several weeks, we’re always interested in hearing about undertakings that other utilities may find helpful or inspiring. If your utility has an effort in place that you believe deserves the Spotlight treatment, send me a quick email and we’ll talk.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Chartwell and gaining access to Spotlight, Chartwell’s Best Practices as well as our webinars, benchmarks and associated insights, email Tim Herrick for more information.

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