Chartwell launches new business customer care survey

By Rebecca Harris, Research Associate ­–

The evidence shows that customer engagement drives business customer satisfaction. As part of our efforts to dig deeper this year into how utilities are working to better serve this important customer group, Chartwell has launched a new business customer survey this week.

The survey will reveal new trends in business customer segmentation, programs and services, communication, staffing, and marketing across the utility industry. If you are interested in taking the survey, or would like to learn more, please let us know.

Chartwell’s previous business customer care survey shed light on communication and information preferences for small- and medium-sized business customers. According to survey respondents, the most-effective communication channel was outgoing phone calls. Survey respondents were most interested in topics related to prices and rates, and utilities most often segmented their business customers by usage. This year’s survey will reveal trends in these areas and more.

According to this year’s J.D. Power business customer satisfaction survey, increased engagement was correlated with higher satisfaction. The biggest changes were in communication: business customers were reached by more channels.

Secure your access to Chartwell’s full Business Customer Care datasheet by participating in the survey. If you haven’t yet received an invitation to take the survey, please contact Research Associate Zahra Dhanani at


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