Chick-fil-A leaders to share analytics insights at EMACS 2018

By Allison Herdic, Industry Researcher –

As the leader in customer satisfaction among all fast-food restaurants for three years running, Chick-Fil-A clearly knows something about making customers happy.

Attendees of Chartwell’s 2018 EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference, to be held in Tampa, Fla. Oct. 22-25, will get a peek under the hood of the company’s ongoing success. While the Georgia-based company’s emphasis on talent and culture is well known, EMACS attendees also will learn how Chick-fil-A is leveraging analytics to improve innovation and customer interactions.

Graciela Chadwick, Director of Chick-fil-A HELP

Graciela Chadwick, Director of Chick-fil-A HELP (Initiatives and Insights), and Heather Isaacson, Manager of Customer and Market Insights, will detail how data is used to support the many facets of the business.

Chadwick leads the Initiatives and Insights team within Chick-fil-A’s HELP desk. According to Chadwick, EMACS 2018 attendees will learn how Chick-fil-A uses not only quantitative, but also qualitative customer feedback data to identify pain points. Analytics, she explained, are used to improve the customer experience as well as that of restaurant operators and team members serving within Chick-fil-A restaurants.

Isaacson’s Customer and Market Insights team is responsible for using analytics to assist the marketing department operating within the Chick-fil-A Support Center, including those responsible for product development, service design, media optimization and app innovation.

Heather Isaacson, Manager of Customer and Market Insights

Isaacson’s team uses analytics alongside qualitative customer research to support the innovation-based initiatives of internal stakeholders. She highlighted the importance of cultivating relationships with business partners to build trust in the findings.

Although intuition is often reliable, biases can make decision-making less reliable, Isaacson said. Analytics can support more informed decision-making as well as provide a more impartial view, she noted.

During this session, Chadwick and Isaacson will share how Chick-fil-A is creating roadmaps for marketing analytics and detail the process their teams employ to evaluate data for clarity and actionability.

This insightful presentation will accompany a number of educational and customer-focused discussions at this year’s EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference. Conference registration is currently open, and an early bird discount is available until Friday, Sept. 14.

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