Connecting and communicating with employees requires diligence

By Allison Herdic, Industry Researcher —

Utilities are companies with many moving parts. From the numerous departments working diligently within headquarters to keep the operational wheels turning, to the employees serving tirelessly in the field, the day-to-day nature of the business can be eventful.

Consistent and clear communication from the top down, as well as useful news distributed across the organization, can provide a clear view into the goals, progress and results of the business. Effectively distributing information can save valuable time when important details are made readily available, rather than requiring a scavenger hunt to find necessary information. Taking it even a step further, intentionally connecting with employees has the potential to create an increased sense of value, thus bolstering sentiment.

With these thoughts in mind, what exactly does it take to keep an organization’s human resources on the same page? Chartwell’s recently published Internal Communications: Trends and Opportunities report delves into the effective ways many utilities are communicating with their employees, highlights a number of critical success factors and shares some challenges. While approaches may differ from utility to utility, many organizations are working to connect with their employees in the way that best suits the intended audience.

The analysis also outlines the role technology is playing in internal communications and the channels utilities are using to connect with their employees. Specifically, intranet solutions are now leveraged by most utilities, while other tools such as internal mobile apps are keeping employees connected on the go, whether in the office or the field.

To download this report, please visit Chartwell’s Energy Library. For information on membership, please contact Tim Herrick .

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