Connecting with customers via greeting cards

By Suzanne Haggerty, Research Manager –

Remember when it was cool to get mail? When you were maybe 8 years old and just thought it was beyond exciting to find an envelope in the mailbox addressed to you, of all people?

I would argue that it’s still cool to get mail, mostly because we don’t get the cool kind anymore. Even the old standbys, birthday and Christmas cards, have gone online, meaning the only thing most of us open is the occasional bill. Even that’s going away with increased eBill enrollment across so many industries.

I’m still a card-sender. At Christmas, you’ll get a customized card from me and the husband. Birthdays require more than a Facebook note. If you’re my mom, you get a Halloween card. Not sure how that started, but rules are rules.

Through strategic partnerships with Hallmark Business Connections, several utilities are adding value to their relationships with customers and increasing employee engagement. Two of these utilities, Kansas City Power & Light and Salt River Project, will discuss their efforts during a Chartwell webinar at 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday. There’s still time to register!

In 2014, KCP&L began equipping its CSRs with the tools to send greeting cards directly to customers following a contact center interaction. In June 2016, SRP kicked off its customer care pilot program with Hallmark.

Both utilities have seen increased customer satisfaction and employee engagement as a result of their efforts.

More impressive still is the direct customer feedback. One SRP customer wrote, “I couldn’t find enough people to tell ‘Can you believe my utility company sent ME a Thank You card!?!’ Absolutely made my day! I think it’s a great idea, SRP!”

So, if you’re part of the mindset that believes in satisfying customers all the time and utterly delighting them every once in a while, join us on Wednesday to learn how you can make mail cool again.

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