eBill Adoption: an evergreen topic

By Noah Solomon, Senior Research Analyst –

One of the most-discussed topics among Chartwell members is paperless billing, or eBill, adoption. What are the benefits? How do we increase it? What are the most effective drivers for customers to move to paperless billing? Chartwell research finds that there are clear advantages to utilities increasing eBill adoption among their customers, with each electronic bill costing less than one-fifth of a paper bill on average (member login required). This cost savings has increased over the past several years, making the advantages of encouraging customers to move to paperless billing even more apparent.

The issue, of course, is not whether to encourage eBill adoption among customers – the potential savings are clear. The conversation primarily revolves around the how; specifically, what drives a customer receiving paper bills to switch to receiving bills electronically? These are the crucial questions in a conversation on increasing eBill adoption rates among utilities.

Toronto Hydro found success in a contest which resulted in more than 12,000 new eBill participants and three customers winning bill credits of $1,400 each (member login required). The success of this initiative has convinced Toronto Hydro to restart this campaign sometime in 2018. Contests and sweepstakes with prizes including gift cards, personal electronics and bill credits have seen success in eBill adoption, and utilities are working to design and implement these and other eBill-driving initiatives in a push for streamlining the customer experience and reducing costs to the utility.

For the Toronto Hydro study and other recent publications on success stories in eBill adoption initiatives, please visit Chartwell’s Energy Library or contact us. As they say, “knowing is half the battle,” and with Chartwell’s studies, trends, and best practices on driving eBill adoption, knowledge will never be in short supply.

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