EMACS 2018 agenda is filled with billing and payment info

By Noah Solomon, Senior Research Analyst

EMACS 2018 is right around the corner, and there is a lot to be excited about in Billing and Payment.

On Tuesday, October 23, Yolanda France will discuss Salt River Project’s M-Power program, North America’s largest electric prepay deployment. Enabled by the company’s deployment of second-generation smart meters, M-Power’s new token-free infrastructure will allow customers to control their accounts with a dedicated M-Power app while maintaining a real-time in-home display.

Attendees will learn how changes to this already popular program will continue to keep customers satisfied as it promotes energy efficiency and helps the utility control operational costs.

Also on Oct. 23, Chris Jackson will share the successful tactics JEA has used to increase eBill adoption. JEA, the eighth largest municipal utility in the United States, has 28% of its customer base enrolled in electronic billing. During this session, attendees will learn how JEA continues to encourage customers to move to this faster, more secure billing and payment channel using methods that include offering sweepstakes, Amazon gift cards and other prizes.

Later that afternoon, Callie Singleton from Ameren Illinois will give an update on the company’s new bill format, which provides a cleaner and easier to read format. The new design features colorful graphics to help customers track energy usage, charts that show usage over a specific period of time and tips to help customer use less and save more. Session attendees will learn about the new design, how it’s helping customers save money and the positive feedback the utility is receiving as a result.

EMACS’ billing and payment-filled agenda continues on Wednesday, October 24 with a Chartwell’s Best Practices Award winner, Southern California Edison, discussing its success in achieving cost reduction and performance improvement with robotics process automation. SCE’s Karen Cheung will discuss successes and lessons learned from the utility’s recent process automation initiative, which has achieved cost savings in personnel and labor as well as increased performance quality and speed.

We at Chartwell are very excited for the great lineup of billing and payment speakers and information for EMACS 2018, and we know these presentations will be a fantastic opportunity for utilities eager to learn about successes and challenges alike. We look forward to seeing you there!

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