EMACS 2018 attendees to learn how to prioritize employee safety in response to customer threats

By Allison Herdic, Industry Researcher –

When customer threats occur, how can utilities respond to protect the safety of all employees? This important industry topic will be covered in detail by Tim Melton, Manager of Customer Commitment for Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities (LG&E and KU), at EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference.

Approximately five years ago, LG&E and KU began developing a strategy for rapid and thorough response to threat situations.

Threats to LG&E and KU employees may originate in the utility’s call centers, walk-in business offices and on customers’ premises, but they can also occur through social media, according to Melton. As a result, LG&E and KU created a dedicated process for documenting threats, engaging the company’s Corporate Security team and reaching out to the customer through LG&E and KU’s Customer Commitment department, which handles escalated customer issues.

Throughout this EMACS session, Melton will share how LG&E and KU uses mass messaging notifications to alert customer-facing employees of any threat activity. This accomplishment was the result of integrating several key information systems within the utility, he explained.

Furthermore, Melton will describe how the utility has leveraged lessons learned in handling customer threats to improve ongoing employee and new hire training. “Through the process, we have made employees more aware of how to handle a threat,” Melton said.

Mitigation of such occurrences is also essential, he explained. For example, LG&E and KU’s measures to reduce customer concerns surrounding field personnel credentials have included increasing the visibility and/or consistency of company attire and vehicle signage. “It is important everyone in the whole company knows their role in preventing a threat,” Melton said.

At the conclusion of his presentation, Melton will allow time for a question-and-answer period for session attendees.

Registration for EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference is now open, with an early bird discount available until Friday, Sept. 14. The conference agenda is filled with sessions highlighting timely and relevant customer-facing issues within the utility industry. Don’t delay – mark your calendar today to join the Chartwell team Oct. 22-25 in Tampa., Fla. for the 21st annual EMACS Conference!

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