EMACS welcomes our new robot overlords

Suzanne Haggerty, Research Manager –

When you think of the robotic revolution, do you picture Rosey, the robotic maid from The Jetsons, or are your thoughts closer to the unrelenting cyborg soldiers (and sometimes assassins) from the Terminator franchise?

Alas, this is not the robotics world we’ll be discussing at EMACS: The Customer Experience Conference, coming up Oct. 22-25 in Tampa. Instead, we’ll hear from two different utilities on their award-winning, productivity-increasing and money-saving Robotics Process Automation efforts.

In 2017, Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Customer Service Operations Digital Labor team designed a strategy and began the process of creating a digital workforce designed to supplement human resources across the utility’s billing, credit, collections and payments departments. Through Robotics Process Automation software, SCE has achieved the automation of complex, rules-based work within its customer service-based applications and systems. The efforts automated nearly 900,000 transactions in 2017, resulting in $2.1 million in savings.

Facing growing overtime pay and missed service level agreements, Hydro One initiated a Robotics Process Automation journey in 2016 by introducing bots to customer care operations, with the goal of not only reducing costs but also increasing capacity to enhance the overall customer experience and the company’s digital footprint. The company’s Robotics Process Automation journey has helped the utility reduce full-time equivalent employees by 30%, and reduce overtime by 33%.

Representatives from both utilities will be on board to talk about their achievements on Wednesday, Oct. 24 after the Best Practices Awards luncheon.

The conference agenda is filled with sessions highlighting timely and relevant customer-facing issues within the utility industry. EMACS is coming up quickly – finalize your registration now to interact with the industry’s brightest, most innovative leaders.

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  1. Karen Morris says:

    Operational efficiency an effort Apogee is well versed in. We’ll be at EMACS in Tampa this year with our very own Joel Bot!

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