Enhancing outage restoration with advanced weather prediction capabilities – Chartwell webinar with The Weather Company

By Russ Henderson, Research Manager –

Over the past decade, the utility industry has begun a dramatic transformation of the industry’s outage communications capabilities to make them more transparent, participatory, real-time and accurate.

These changes are taking place largely in response to rising customer expectations and the accelerating pace of technological change.

Customers expect a faster outage restoration, just as they expect to be kept informed about it.

In response to these challenges, the industry is developing better data analytics capabilities for a variety of related purposes. These projects, among other goals, seek to enhance the efficiency of restoration, improve the accuracy of estimated restoration times provided to customers, and even to predict outages before they even happen (member login required), according to Chartwell’s 2017 Outage Communications Industry Survey.

While many utilities are taking on analytics projects with in-house resources, a growing number are partnering with analytics companies in the private sector. This has brought new players and new products into the utility industry.

One of those new players is The Weather Company, an IBM Business.

This Wednesday, Chartwell will host a webinar with Brandon Hertell, offering manager at The Weather Company. Hertell will explore the company’s new outage prediction solution, which uses a machine-learning model to combine historical weather data and hyperlocal weather forecasts with historical grid data.

By combining this information, the utility can calculate which areas will be hit the hardest within 72 hours of a predicted storm. The resulting analysis can be used to help the utility more efficiently pre-stage and mobilize crews and equipment for storm response. The Weather Company offers Outage Prediction, Workforce Safety Alerts, and Customer Engagement Alerts solutions designed to address many of the top-of-mind analytics priorities identified by utilities in Chartwell’s 2017 Outage Communications Survey, including improving the speed and efficiency of restoration and improving ETR accuracy.

Please join us for the Dec. 6 webinar, Defending Against the Storm: Embracing Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning for Utility Outage Prediction.

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