Sponsorships & Booths

Meet Utility Decision Makers

Position yourself as a key provider in the utility industry by sponsoring or exhibiting at Chartwell events. Leverage our twenty-year reputation as a leader in utility research and get in front of our audience at our conferences and EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference.

Sponsoring/exhibiting allows you to:

  • Share your products and services with utility decision makers and influencers
  • Network with utility representatives and build long-term relationships
  • Increase name recognition among industry leaders
  • Learn about the issues that are important to your target audience

EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference

EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference attracts 350+ utility-focused professionals looking for the right products and solutions – view your opportunities to meet these individuals at www.emacsconference.com today.


Chartwell provides a limited number of service providers the opportunity to interact with utility professionals in our summit environment through sponsorship. Summits are attended overwhelmingly by utility professionals focused on a specific area of concentration (see topics).

Sponsors spend a day and a half with utility professionals at a targeted event that is closed to non-sponsoring service providers.  For more information, contact:

Jennifer Chalk
(404) 237-9099 ext. 237