Prepay Programs: Opportunities and Strategies

Date: Aug 22, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM ET

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Prepay programs give customers more control over energy usage and costs, encouraging conservation and, often, allowing those with outstanding balances to pay back that debt over time. While consumer advocacy groups have slowed or even halted the spread of prepay in some states, the option is gaining ground as more utilities take advantage of smart grid technology. Prepay isn’t just for large IOUs; smaller cooperatives and municipals are also offering this option to their members and customers. Join this Chartwell webinar to learn the details of two prepay programs operated by smaller utilities, including strategies, benefits customer communications tactics and lessons learned.

Since Flint Energies began offering its Pay Your Way prepaid service option in 2012, giving customers flexibility in how and when they pay for their electricity, enrollment has remained steady and uncollectible debt has dropped. While members benefit in several ways, including the ability to start and maintain service with no deposit or disconnection/late fees, the cooperative enjoys reduced billing and mailing costs, reduced account debt, and enhanced brand image.

Modesto Irrigation District’s Power Up Pilot Program is California’s first pre-paid electric service. By allowing customers to take control of their power usage and pay in advance, Power Up helps reduce debt and improves the customer experience. Since go-live in March 2016, Power Up has received rave customer reviews and has encourage customers to view Modesto Irrigation District as their trusted partner.


 Marian McLemore

Marian McLemore – Vice President of Cooperative Communications, Flint Energies 

As Flint Energies’ Vice President of Cooperative Communications, Marian has more than 15 years’ experience in electric cooperative communications. She holds the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) certification from PRSA and the Certified Cooperative Communicator (CCC) designation from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. She is also a graduate of NRECA’s Strategic Communication Academy and Management Internship Program (MIP).

 Robert Madrid

Robert Madrid – Customer Service Supervisor, Modesto Irrigation District

Robert has been a Customer Service Supervisor and Power Up program administrator for the Modesto Irrigation District since 2015. Prior to this position, Robert proudly served our county in the military and worked several years in a variety of retail management and customer service positions. His love of helping others is not only evident in his job, but also in his volunteer work in disaster response with Team Rubicon.


 Lori Davis

Lori Davis – Customer Services Manager, Modesto Irrigation District (MID)

Lori Davis is the Customer Services Manager at Modesto Irrigation District.  She has been in customer service for more than 30 years and in the electrical utility business for the last 19 years.  Lori joined MID in 2012 and is passionate about improving the customer experience for the MID’s 117,000 electric customers. Lori is responsible for managing, planning, and directing customer operations.


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