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Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst –

Contact centers are rapidly changing as technology enables more customer service channels, automation and data-sharing. In fact, preliminary data from Chartwell’s Contact Center Trends Survey shows that 93% of respondents believe self-service will have the most notable impact on their call centers in the next 5 years.

Self-service has the ability to disrupt many contact center norms. At many utilities, customers can pay their bill, start or stop their service, report outages and sign up for utility programs online or through the IVR. As routine tasks are taken over by self-service offerings, contact centers will be responsible for solving more complex issues, creating a need for easy user interfaces, data sharing and well-trained agents.

Customers expect easy interactions with their utilities. Evolutions in AI and chatbot technology will help utilities transition routine issues to self-service channels. And, when self-service fails, data management systems and multi-channel customer service will help contact center agents pick up where the customer left off.

Contact center agents will face increasingly complex questions as self-service becomes more popular for routine tasks. Leaders need to pay close attention to how this trend affects industry standards for average call handling time, FCR and other metrics. Utilities must invest in training and retaining high-performing agents who can communicate with customers across channels.

Chartwell’s Contact Center Trends Survey takes stock of the industry today and where it is going in the future. It goes into depth on contact center metrics, including average call handling time and service level targets. It looks at how utilities calculate FCR and their current ability to deliver a multi-channel experience. The survey also takes stock of current challenges, looking at personnel, technology, process and customer-centric issues.

Take Chartwell’s Contact Center Trends Survey to gain access to industry trends. No matter your membership status with Chartwell, everyone who takes the contact center survey will have early access to the full survey data. Contact Zahra Dhanani at to take the survey today!

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