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By Suzanne Haggerty, Research Manager –

We’re edging up on the busiest time of year for the Chartwell research staff: awards season. It’s also a lot of fun, receiving so many detailed descriptions of the industry’s best efforts in billing and payment programs, communications, customer service, outage communications and program marketing.

With the addition of the People’s Choice – Video category last year, we received nearly 150 entries for Chartwell’s 2016 Best Practices Awards. It took us the better part of six weeks to narrow down ours choices – we really do spend a lot of time carefully analyzing all of those metrics we ask you to include. (Except for the People’s Choice – Video category, which is a recognition of creative achievement rather than measurable results. It also involves a final judging session that requires doughnuts, lots of coffee and some intense, persuasive conversations.)

What I’ve discovered from managing these awards for several years is that award-writing skills are as specialized as those required for grant-writing and proposal-writing.

The ability to write a concise, clear narrative while illustrating outcomes with compelling, substantiated metrics doesn’t come easily to most of us. The folks on your team who can produce informative, engaging charts aren’t necessarily the same ones who can describe a two-year effort in fewer than 125 words.

Writing a winning entry for Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards is a team effort, and one of the first steps your team can take is to attend our webinar next week titled How to Write a Winning Entry for Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards. During this call, I’ll discuss the 2017 award timeline and categories, submission basics and project description essentials.

I’ll also outline a few quick recommendations on building a team to ensure you have a multitude of skill sets working on your submission.

Most of all, though, I want to hear your questions. I intend for the presentation part of this webinar to be on the short side so that I can address more of your questions directly.

This webinar is free of charge to all attendees, whether you’re a Chartwell member or not. Register today!

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