KCP&L continues to pursue increased EV ownership among customers

Suzanne Haggerty, Research Manager –

KCP&L launched an EV charging station program in 2015 with the goal of installing more than 1,000 EV charging stations throughout its service territory. In 2016, the company launched a campaign to deepen its relationship with EV owners and increase adoption across its service territory. Its campaign strategy included developing a KCP&L CCN affinity group; launching a training program for local auto dealerships to provide education on the CCN; teaming up with Nissan to offer a special discount on the new LEAF; deploying a multitude of digital ads; hosting community events; and launching a dedicated microsite.

KCP&L’s EV-related efforts have earned the utility two Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards: The utility took home the 2016 Silver Award in Customer Service after launching its Clean Charge Network and the 2017 Gold Award in Program Marketing for its extensive outreach efforts to increase EV adoption in its territory.

Since deployment of the KCP&L Clean Charge Network was launched in 2015, the Kansas City metropolitan area has experienced a 95% increase in EV adoption.

KCP&L has continued to encourage EV adoption and awareness, with its latest efforts focusing on dispelling common myths about EVs, such as the belief that they have to be expensive.

Jeffrey Beeson, Marketing and Communications Lead at KCP&L, will discuss the company’s award-winning efforts during a Chartwell webinar titled Increasing EV Adoption through Partnerships and Customer Education at 2 p.m. Oct. 3. Join the call to learn more about KCP&L’s EV achievements and find out what they have planned for the future.

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