New Infographic: Handling Customer Complaints on Social Media

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst –

Customers expect customer care on every channel available, including social media. Utilities and other industries are investing in social customer service and implementing new technologies to find customer comments online and address them in a meaningful way.

According to Chartwell’s 2016 Social Customer Care survey, 85% of utilities provide social customer service. But are utilities and other industries meeting customer expectations when it comes to online complaints?

In the summer of 2017, Chartwell surveyed 1,522 U.S. and Canadian energy consumers on many topics, including their history with complaining about companies – utilities and non-utilities alike – on social media. Chartwell found that 35% of customers had complained about a company on social media. Chartwell’s consumer survey also showed that companies that get involved and solve customers’ problems can actually improve customer opinion. Furthermore, of the people who complained, almost half only complained to their followers.

Monitoring social media is crucial because it gives you an opportunity to actually solve customers’ problems and improve their opinion. If your utility can’t track mentions of itself where it isn’t tagged, then you could be missing out on almost half of the opportunities on social media to improve customer relationships.

For example, Seattle City Light created a social media tool that helped the utility track “hidden” social media conversations to improve its outage communications. With the tool, Seattle City Light could find posts that didn’t mention the utility by name, but were from customers talking about power outages. The utility could get involved, communicate about how it’s working to restore power and turn the interaction in to a positive one.

To learn more about what companies can do to improve customer care on social media channels, download Chartwell’s new infographic, Handling Customer Complaints on Social Media. The infographic goes into detail about who complains online and what companies can do to improve customers’ opinions. Download it on the Energy Library today!

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