Portland General Electric revamps its market research strategy

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst –

Source: Chartwell’s 2016 Customer Experience Industry Survey, n=53

Source: Chartwell’s 2016 Customer Experience Industry Survey, n=53

Portland General Electric’s Market Research Team transformed in early 2017 to improve relationships with other PGE departments, ultimately leading to better research to improve the customer experience. PGE’s Market Research Team trained other departments to include Market Research earlier in the survey planning process. This helped PGE standardize processes, improve research quality and prioritize surveys.

Market research is an integral part of utilities’ customer experience and communication efforts. Chartwell’s 2016 Customer Experience Industry Survey showed that over half of utilities had a Voice of the Customer strategy in place, while another 30% planned to adopt a strategy within the next 2 years. Most utilities saw internal surveys as the most effective and valuable customer feedback method. Customer research will only grow in importance as data collection increases and customers expect more from utility communications.

Download Chartwell’s Best Practice report for insights on PGE’s market research transformation from PGE’s Market Research and Channel Analyst, Ae Sangasy. Also, keep a look out for Chartwell’s 2017 Customer Experience survey results focusing on customer metrics, arriving later this year.

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