Prioritizing social customer care creates beneficial opportunities for utilities

Ruchi Solanki, Research Analyst –

The importance of social media to create a positive impact on a customer’s experience has been talked about time and time again here at Chartwell. Utilities have been taking notice and have made sure to take advantage of the opportunities that social media presents during an outage or crisis.

Social media has become a conduit for information for a while now in the utility industry and with new social channels surfacing, it can be a struggle to know how to keep up with what your customers want. Social customer care also becomes an important part of this changing culture, where customers want the ability to communicate and resolve any issues directly with their utility in their channel of choice.

DC Water used Snapchat Geofilters and Facebook Live to target residents who lived in apartment buildings, as bill payments are forwarded by property managers of the complexes, and eliminates any contact that customers may have with the utility. The social media initiative was to increase the utility’s visibility with its customers and elevate brand awareness at festivals, community events and in the classroom, all the while providing an opportunity for the utility and customers to be engaged.

Image courtesy of DC Water

CenterPoint Energy focused its efforts on social customer care and the potential for a positive interaction for customers. The utility recognized the importance of this channel and the impact it could have on overall customer experience after seeing an increasing number of customers utilizing social media. The utility uses Oracle’s Social Relationship Management software to monitor customer interactions across the utility’s different platforms.

If you are interested in learning more about integrating social customer care at CenterPoint Energy, make sure to register for Chartwell’s webinar on Wednesday, November 8 at 2 p.m. Eastern. Join Steve Waters, CenterPoint Energy’s Digital Marketing and Automation Supervisor, in discussing the utility’s approach and concerted efforts to prioritize social customer care and effectively resolve customer problems in the channel of their choice.

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