SCE improves customer satisfaction with increased communications

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst –

Southern California Edison improved customer satisfaction through its “We’re On It” communications campaign, winning Chartwell’s 2017 Bronze Award in Communications for its efforts. (You must be logged into the Energy Library to access this link.)

In 2015, SCE reached a record high for residential customer satisfaction. But the utility industry quickly caught up, resulting in SCE falling out of J.D. Power’s top quartile for large utilities. SCE responded by implementing a new customer awareness communications campaign. From June to September 2016, SCE ran bus shelter advertisements, digital banners, print and television advertisements, radio spots and billboards, communicating how SCE helps customers find easy solutions for their energy needs.

SCE saw a quantifiable correlation between mass media communications and improved customer perceptions. SCE measured satisfaction among residential customers before, during and after the campaign. Satisfaction remained flat among the control group and SCE’s desert region, but satisfaction rose 21 points in SCE’s coastal region.

Join Chartwell’s webinar on April 18 at 2 p.m. Eastern to hear how SCE validated the impact of customer awareness communications and resulted in the decision to host year-round customer satisfaction initiatives.

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