Struggling to Start a CX Project? Consider Online Move Center

By Will Adams, Senior Industry Analyst –

Many utilities are challenged to effectively prioritize customer experience-related projects and initiatives. Some are focused on new program, product and service offerings, while others are entirely tasked with improving operational metrics or reducing call volume.

There are dozens of projects utilities all over the country utilities are using to enhance CX, but Chartwell has identified a unique opportunity that can improve multiple facets of a utility’s business – from improved customer satisfaction to better operational metrics and even ways to save money.

The Online Move Center.

Most customers prefer to transact digitally, but utilities have been slow to adapt to these preferences by updating and streamlining their online service offerings. Think about it; Every customer must either start, stop or transfer service with your utility and many companies with transient customers or large rental populations often struggle to transfer service or turn on service at new properties. Sometimes the interface is clunky, maybe customer verification requires manual, back-end data entry, and other times, the interface is so poorly designed, customers simply give up and call the contact center.

A few utilities, by way of redesigned websites, have found success in automating their Online Move Centers and making these transactions as simple as easy as possible for customers looking to self-serve.

Following a robust website redesign, PNM in New Mexico worked with Cognizant to eliminate some pain points for their Online Move Center. A poor online customer experience for the Move Center was inducing high call volumes and long handle times, creating a backlog in the utility’s contact center. They redesigned the Move Center’s interface, updated the forms to match new business requirements and tested more than 600 different scenarios to ensure the transaction was fully automated online. Since the update, PNM has enjoyed improved contact center metrics, fewer calls and an increase in digital self-service on their website.

PNM’s successful effort proves that a website redesign won’t solve all your utility’s problems and that careful consideration must be given to the user’s experience and the interface on which they’re attempting to complete a transaction with your company.

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