Use technology to get the most from your EMACS experience

By Ashley Hieb, Research Analyst –

“If you’d like to attend EMACS: The Customer Experience Conference, please fill out the bottom of this form and mail the perforated portion, along with a check, to …”

You may remember the days of mailing conference registration forms, but EMACS has come a long way since then. Even the notion of a fax machine, which was introduced by Xerox less than 50 years ago, seems archaic.

Instagram and iPads didn’t exist just a few short years ago (and in a few more, they may be obsolete). And, when was the last time you saw an iPod? Technology is continually evolving at an exponential pace. And as such, it has become more fully integrated in our lives than ever before.

Our cellphones and tablets are now glued to us at all time. Be honest — when was the last time you actually turned off your cellphone when asked to do so in a movie theater? The FAA even advises lifting the cellphone ban on airplanes, the lone arena where the rule is still strictly enforced.

At many conferences these days, notebooks and business cards have become rarer as people opt to take notes on their tablets and connect on the fly through LinkedIn.

As Chartwell celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, we encourage you to use technology to get the fullest experience from the conference. Use the #EMACS2013 tag, and follow our analysts— @AshleyChartwell, @RHenChartwell, @BOwensChartwell, @SWeltyChartwell and @WillChartwell, as well as the official @EMACSconference account—to get real-time conference news and information from each session. You can also now follow @chartwellinc on Instagram, where we will post photos from the conference.

EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference will be held Oct. 8-11 in Atlanta. EMACS is recognized by utility industry professionals for superior presentations, insightful panel discussions and multiple networking opportunities focused on addressing various facets of customer service and marketing.

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