When it comes to the customer experience, two ‘E’s’ are recurring themes

By Allison Herdic, Industry Researcher —

Busy lives, busy customers. When it comes to interacting with utilities, two criteria often rise to the top of the wish list: easy and expeditious.

Recently, I scheduled a service for my household. On the day of the scheduled appointment, the business called to notify me the technician’s van was experiencing mechanical difficulties and the appointment would need to be rescheduled. We all understand — life happens, right?

So, I said “No problem,” but I was hoping to ensure I would still receive the discount I was offered at the time of scheduling. The customer service representative assured me this would be noted in the system, and when I rescheduled, the rate would still apply. And, when I did reach out to put another appointment on the calendar, all went as promised. All in all, fairly easy and expeditious. Done and done.

When all is well, most customers want to conduct business easily and simply. When the lights go out, customers want timely, proactive information via the channel of choice. And, when issues arise, customers want to things to be made right in the promptest fashion.

Utilities are constantly looking to make their customer interactions a bit smoother and even more delightful. Leaders are using analytics and voice of the customer initiatives to hear exactly what their customers want and identify areas for improvement. Teams have been created to evaluate channels, test new customer service offerings and examine new technologies and their internal and external customer experience impact.

Chartwell’s newly released analysis, Customer Experience Trends and Opportunities, features several mini-case study examples of how utilities are leveraging their human resources, processes and solutions to make day-to-day business a little bit easier for all involved. The analysis also examines the challenges that are keeping utility leaders up a night as well as some of the emerging projects on the drawing board for 2018 and beyond.

Visit Chartwell’s Energy Library to download this report or many of our other customer experience-focused research publications.

Interested in learning more about Chartwell research? Contact Tim Herrick to learn how to access Chartwell’s extensive collection of content-rich and customer-facing utility research.

It’s also never too early to register for EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference, which will be held Oct. 22-25 in Tampa, Fla. EMACS is the premier utility forum for connecting with other utility leaders looking to bolster customer interactions, so don’t miss the opportunity to make this connection with your peers.

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