Panel discussion: Powering Through the Holidays – Navigating Load Shed with Effective Communication

Unprecedented winter storms brought dangerously cold temperatures that forced load shed events to over one million Americans. While it was difficult enough for customers to be left in the dark, some of the customer frustration that surfaced was related to communication gaps around fast, proactive, and personalized communication.
This panel discussion, brought to you by Message Broadcast of LINK Mobility, brings together experts from various utilities to discuss failures and successes from proactive demand response and load shed communication strategies. Hear from industry leaders on how methods and technology are changing in 3 big areas to help utilities be faster, smarter, and more proactive to minimize rolling blackouts and keep the public informed even when they do occur.


  • Learn how leading utilities are shifting to more proactive communication to avoid reactive fallout and curb demand
  • Reduce customer effort with best practices to segment audiences and personalize communication
  • Understand how to automate real-time approvals from key stakeholders
  • Discover the benefits of being tech-enabled for unplanned critical events to communicate to customers faster, easier, and smarter

Panelists: To Be Announced

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