EMACS 2023

Agenda Highlights

View our current agenda highlights below:

A Driving Force for Change: Positioning Your Utility for the Growing Electric Vehicle Market
This panel discussion will bring together industry experts at the center of the important EV ownership transformation to discuss the many challenges and opportunities utilities face…
East, West, Home’s Best: Lessons on Keeping Your Business Customers Happy from California and Georgia
As utilities seek to protect their brand and to push customer centricity into every aspect of the enterprise, business customers provide an opportunity for either massive…
From Feedback to Action: Creating a Comprehensive Strategy for Utilizing VoC Feedback to Enhance Customer Experience and Drive ROI
Join Southern California Edison's Customer Experience Insights and Strategy Team as they delve into creating a comprehensive VoC strategy for data-driven decision-making and improving customer experience.
TEP Goes Door-to-Door to Support Customers Most in Need
Discover how Tucson Electric Power and UniSource Energy Services effectively supported low-income customers during the pandemic using a multi-pronged outreach approach.
Data-Driven Decision Making, Customer-Focused Policies, and Executive Buy-In: The Journey of Tucson Electric Power
Discover how Tucson Electric Power (TEP) navigates the dynamic energy landscape by leveraging data-driven decision making, prioritizing customer-centric initiatives, and improving outage communications.
Balancing Business Concerns with Serving Customers in Need: A Fireside Chat
Join Lisa Cagnolatti, Senior VP for Customer Service at Southern California Edison, and Tracie Boutte, Chartwell Executive Advisor, for a “fireside chat” on pressing concerns for…