How to create a more customer-centric organization

By Rachael Harper, Research Manager –

Increasingly, businesses are focused on providing innovative and easy products and services created with the customer at heart, and utilities are no exception.

In Chartwell’s 2019 Customer Experience Industry Survey, nearly all (91%) of utilities responded that building a customer-centric culture is part of their customer experience strategy.

Read Chartwell’s most recent report “How to create a more customer-centric organization” to learn how four industry executives inspire change and foster customer-centric thinking within their companies.

How industry leaders are inspiring change and fostering customer centricity

The report provides insight on how to:

Engage your employees to help them understand their role in the customer journey and utilize feedback to improve internal and external processes to keep executives and employees focused on the customer.

Create digital strategies that add value, meet customers where they are and encourage innovation to improve the ease of doing business.

Develop a 360-degree view of the customer using a customer information system to improve the customer experience with personalization of products, services and communications.

Invest in data analytics to improve customer information. To provide an easy, personalized customer experience, utilities will not only need data to understand customer preferences, products and services used, and their experience with the utility; they will also need a way access and analyze this information to find and eliminate pain points and illuminate areas of opportunity.

The report includes interviews with the following utility industry executives:

Brett Carter, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer and Innovation Officer at Xcel Energy

Tom Kirkpatrick, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at American Electric Power (AEP)

Tracie Boutte, Vice President of Customer Experience at Entergy Services

Tara Oglesby, Vice President of Customer Experience at Ameren Missouri

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