June 8 - 9, 2021 | 11 AM - 4:30 PM ET | VIRTUAL!

PowerUp: Chartwell's Outage Conference

PowerUp: Chartwell’s Outage Conference is the largest and most informative of its kind in the industry. This conference brings together utility professionals for two days of content and networking opportunities in the areas of outage communication, restoration, training and planning

Our agenda always reflects the top-of-mind challenges facing the industry in the area of outages. Attendees this year will learn from industry-leading utilities on the topics of outage communication, restoration, training and planning.


The numbers speak for themselves








This year’s presenters will represent a combination of real-life experience, technical expertise and forward-thinking strategies related to outage preparation, communication, and restoration.

We are pleased to share highlights of the 2021 agenda below. Check back soon for updates!

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Keynote: Promises Made, Promises Kept with Entergy, 2021 Chartwell Award Winner
Entergy, which won Chartwell’s 2021 Best Practices Gold Award in Outage Communications, sent continuous proactive communications before, during, and after each event during the active 2020…
Keynote: SCE Sharpens the Saw of Excellence, 2021 Chartwell Award Winner
Southern California Edison has won Chartwell’s gold best practices awards for the past two years for projects that improved wildfire communications, business customer relations and field…
Panel Discussion: Learning from the Past, Preparing for the Future
As we head into the 2021 storm season, this panel will assess how utilities have adapted their outage restoration and communications strategies to current challenges.
AEP Improves Outages and More Through Voice Enabled Devices
In this session, you will hear how AEP researched customer goals and behaviors, focused on a prioritized set of features, crafted two-way conversations, and launched this…
Top 10 Outage Communications to Combat Uncertainty
In this session, AGENT511 will describe the conversion process and show how new channels create engagement such as chat bot, live chat, and social media.
Say Something; Communicating with Customers During the Moments That Matter
In this session with Message Broadcast, learn how utilities are automating customer interactions and efficiently distributing dynamic ad-hoc communications in real time over customers' preferred channels.
AEP’s Storm Outage Prediction Model, 2021 Chartwell Award Winner
In this session, learn about the model’s development, its performance in recent storm events and plans for the future as the model improves with experience.
Alabama Power’s Outage Alerts Program Leverages Technology for the Benefit of the Customer, 2021 Chartwell Award Winner
In 2019, Alabama Power employees designed, developed and deployed an application that integrates outage management system processes, customer communications and survey feedback into a one-stop solution…
TECO Reduces Costs & Increases Ease-of-Use with Outage Reporting Enhancements, 2021 Chartwell Award Winner
In this session, attendees will learn how TECO identified and completed complementary initiatives that could be worked in parallel to achieve results - including improved customer…
Alabama Power Leverages Existing Technology to Shorten Restoration Time, 2021 Chartwell Award Winner
In 2020, Alabama Power began looking at innovative ways to leverage its Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) and its Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) more effectively during…
PG&E Improves the PSPS Experience with Automation, Personalization
PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) program was established in 2018 following the 2017-2018 wildfires that impacted California. Initially, the utility’s notifications were broad in scope…
The Perfect Storm: Lessons Learned from the Texas Winter Storms
Join KUBRA as they share how outage maps, notifications, two-way messaging, and artificial intelligence came together to support customers in their time of need.
Forged in Crisis: Utility Outage Communications Finds Excellence in Adversity
In this presentation, Chartwell will share a few examples of excellence from recent months as well as the latest consumer and industry trends in outage communications.
Ameren’s “Empathy Alerts” Keeping Customers Informed through Extended Outages
To improve the customer experience, Ameren recently launched “Empathy Alerts” to provide customers with the most current information about their outage and reassure them that Ameren…
Hydro Ottawa: Taking On The Age Of Infobesity With Podcasting
In this session, Hydro Ottawa shares its approach on how its successful ThinkEnergy podcast has led to an increase in web traffic, contributed to industry-expert thought-leadership…
Con Edison Improves Preemptive Shutoff Communications
After a heatwave in the summer of 2019 set off emergency power shutoffs in Brooklyn, Con Edison received a massive wave of customer complaints. Con Edison’s…
DTE Leverages AMI Data to Address Nested Outages
In this session, learn how DTE launched this project from beginning to end, and the positive results so far.
Leveraging Analytics to Deliver Clear, Consistent, and Visual Outage Information
During this session with HEXstream, learn how industry leaders are transforming outage data into actionable analytics to better manage crews, track ETRs (Estimated Times of Restoration)…
Acing Utility Customer Communications for Superior CX
Join this session with Smart Energy Water and learn how utilities can perfect the art of communication while providing robust digital self-service capabilities to their customers.

Best Practices Awards in Outage Communications & Restoration

The original awards of their kind for utilities, Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards recognize excellence and innovation among electric and gas utilities with respect to projects, programs and service initiatives.  

The 2021 Chartwell Best Practices Awards in Outage Communications and Outage Restoration will be presented at PowerUp: Chartwell’s Outage ConferenceJune 8-9 at the Westin New Orleans. 

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