Creating Customer-Centric Low-Income Programs

Date: Wednesday, August 19

Time: 2-3 PM ET

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Austin Energy offers a variety of assistance programs to help low-income customers, from financial support to conversation programs. The utility believes building a unique customer-centric service model for this segment is key, and speaker Ronnie Mendoza will show you how to develop and implement them within your utility.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Austin Energy’s assistance programs focused on financial support, energy efficiency and water conservation for its low-income customers.
  • Why utilities should be focused on unique service models to support low-income customers.
  • How to develop customer-centric service models by utilizing internal and external customer data.


  • I.S. Dunklin – Director of Data Analytics and Research, Chartwell Inc.


  • Ronnie Mendoza – Customer Service Manager, Austin Energy