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Exclusively focused on electric, gas, and water utilities, Chartwell provides actionable insights, collaborative problem-solving opportunities and events to help utilities improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

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Independent Research

Chartwell’s customer service focused research provides your utility with innovative information to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Industry Community

Council members have access to a rich network of industry peers who meet monthly to problem-solve and share strategies with the clear intent to be more effective and operationally efficient.


Events & Webinars

Membership includes enterprise-wide access to over 30 webinars each year and discounted registration for EMACS, The Customer Experience Conference and Chartwell’s Outage Conference.

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Prepare for a spooky experience during this year’s DataSource results and roundtables coming up Oct. 27-29
By I.S. Dunklin, Director of Research and Analytics – The 2020 DataSource Virtual Results and Roundtables will be haunting your house and screen in...
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Updater solves the inefficiencies (and headaches) of moving, with technology
Dennis Donovan, VP of Utility & Warranty at Updater, recently spoke with Chartwell about relocation technology, challenges movers face, and what the mover experience...
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The Sweatpants Effect
By Alex Panchula, Director of Product Management, Data Science at Oracle Utilities – Like many Americans, I’m working from home alongside my working spouse, kids and...
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How Pre-Pay Energy Helps Millennials Pay Bills in an Uncertain Economy
By Shaun Jackson, Senior Vice President, Marketing, KUBRA – The COVID-19 pandemic has created economic uncertainty for many customers today, leaving utilities looking for...

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