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Exclusively focused on electric, gas, and water utilities, Chartwell provides actionable insights, collaborative problem-solving opportunities and events to help utilities improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

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Our Members Benefit From


Independent Research

Chartwell’s customer service focused research provides your utility with innovative information to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Industry Community

Council members have access to a rich network of industry peers who meet monthly to problem-solve and share strategies with the clear intent to be more effective and operationally efficient.


Events & Webinars

Membership includes enterprise-wide access to over 30 webinars each year and discounted registration for EMACS, The Customer Experience Conference and Chartwell’s Outage Conference.

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Join us next week for Chartwell’s VIRTUAL PowerUp outage conference
By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Manager – No one knows outage communications and response better than Chartwell. Our research, events and unique peer networking...
  • By admin
The utility industry shifts to more mobile-centric approach
By Russ Henderson, Senior Research Manager – As the world becomes more mobile-driven, utilities increasingly see mobile apps as vital to the customer experience....
  • By admin
Deadline extended for Best Practices Award submissions
By Suzanne Haggerty, Senior Manager of Customer Engagement — The submission deadline for Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards has been extended to Wednesday, June 10. When we designated this...
  • By admin
Outage communications and response complicated by COVID
By Chandler Dunklin, Client Relationship Manager – While much of the world has shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, mother nature has not gotten the memo....

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Chartwell’s solutions can help your utility identify strategies to impact customer experience and operational efficiency. Chartwell’s Premier Membership provides timely and actionable benchmarks and insights, proven go-to-market strategies from leading utilities, and the support of our team of analysts. Our Leadership Councils provide a deep network of industry leaders who collaborate regularly on critical issues, sharing perspectives, advice, and solutions.

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