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Exclusively focused on electric, gas, and water utilities, Chartwell provides actionable insights, collaborative problem-solving opportunities and events to help utilities improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

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Independent Research

Chartwell’s customer service focused research provides your utility with innovative information to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Industry Community

Council members have access to a rich network of industry peers who meet monthly to problem-solve and share strategies with the clear intent to be more effective and operationally efficient.


Events & Webinars

Membership includes enterprise-wide access to over 30 webinars each year and discounted registration for EMACS, The Customer Experience Conference and Chartwell’s Outage Conference.

PowerUp: Chartwell's VIRTUAL Outage Conference

Join us June 8 & 9 from the comfort of your home office!

Upcoming Webinars

Award-Winning Outage Communications Strategies

Date: Wednesday, March 17 Time: 1 – 2 PM ET Register Now **As a way to get you excited for PowerUp: Chartwell’s Outage Conference, this webinar is complimentary.** Panelists will share recent successes and new, customer-focused Outage Communications initiatives for 2021 as well as innovations and solutions on the horizon. Attendees will hear practical advice […]

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Removing Credit Card Fees Improves CSAT
Credit card fees are one of the most significant pain points for utility customers.   Chartwell’s Billing & Payment Leadership Council has discussed the clear link between fee-free credit card payments...
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ETR Accuracy Windows – How do you compare?
During an outage of any size or duration, ETR is by far the most important piece of information to customers. But utilities use a...
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Utility response to COVID-19 offers lessons in handling future crises
By Noah Solomon, Research Manager – It should be no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on utilities and their...
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Chartwell launches its new survey tool
Rebecca Harris, Data Analyst – Chartwell launched its new survey tool along with its Outage Communication and Restoration Surveys last week. The new survey...

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Chartwell’s solutions can help your utility identify strategies to impact customer experience and operational efficiency. Chartwell’s Premier Membership provides timely and actionable benchmarks and insights, proven go-to-market strategies from leading utilities, and the support of our team of analysts. Our Leadership Councils provide a deep network of industry leaders who collaborate regularly on critical issues, sharing perspectives, advice, and solutions.

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